[Vitamins. Lifes Hidden Miracle.] (By: Andreas Jopp) [published: March, 2012] par Andreas Jopp

[Vitamins. Lifes Hidden Miracle.] (By: Andreas Jopp) [published: March, 2012]

Titre de livre: [Vitamins. Lifes Hidden Miracle.] (By: Andreas Jopp) [published: March, 2012]

Éditeur: Createspace

Auteur: Andreas Jopp

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Andreas Jopp avec [Vitamins. Lifes Hidden Miracle.] (By: Andreas Jopp) [published: March, 2012]

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Negative media reports on vitamins irritate consumers. The basic media principle is: NEW, SHORT and SIMPLE. That's however not how science works. Small statistically flawed studies add nothing to the current knowledge much less do they debunk 40 years of serious nutritional research. NEWER is NOT always better. Close examination of statistics and the overall relevance of studies are required. New, short and simple is inadequate in science. Andreas Jopp is a renowned medical journalist examining nutritional research for over 20 years. He sets the record straight again. Healthy nutrition and additional micronutrients are a health insurance policy. Learn more about the latest nutritional research. Vitamins are lifes hidden miracle. Reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, dementia and osteoporosis. Ban depression and enhance performance by balancing nutritional deficiencies. Everything you need to know about optimal intake of vitamins and minerals "Andreas Jopp is a superb journalist who translates complex research into fascinating copy. The book is an investment in tomorrow for you and your family." Berliner Morgenpost "Accurately researched and full of compelling facts. A wealth of useful information for better health." Hamburger Abendblatt Andreas Jopp is a medical journalist, trainer and a best-selling author. His books are translated in 14 languages. More than 200 articles on various medical topics and seven books are published to date. His books on protein & diet, vitamins & minerals, fats & longevity have hit the best seller lists in Germany. His latest work is a multimedia quit smoking book and internet course. He is one of the most prominent nutrition and anti-aging-specialists in Germany..